NewYears day hair-or morning after


I’m SOOOO SO SO obsessed with top knots right now! Reasons I love them: Bad hair days are such a drag, but top knots make them actually something to look forward to! (well, sort of…) Another reason-no matter what your hair texture is, top knots are super easy and do-able! In my case, thin hair creates a small but sassy to knot. And lastly, they’re a cute and sassy way to pull of pretty, classy after-party hair. 

To style a top knot, I like to go with either some huge, pretty chandler earrings with pretty eyemakeup-sparkles or a cat eye. Another option is to wear an infinity scarf with some small, simple earrings. 
Basically, whenever you rock a top knot-ALWAYS wear earrings. Even if they’re baby studs, they pull it together. 

A tutorial for thin haired beauties trying the top knot will be posted later today!

XX Flancake