room with a view 1/2

Finally all settled in, I’m sharing my new small space. Located in East Village, my roommate and I are loving our neighborhood – we’re a few blocks down from PDT, Yoga To the People, and Ave A’s thriving restaurant scene. Coming later to will be a guide to my favorite things to do in East Village, but for now it’s all about the new digs. This is the first of two postings, so stay with me.

East Village is one of the most eclectic scenes in Manhattan, and when decorating I kept that in mind. The entire time, ‘Urban Outfitters becomes an adult’ was the theme, and I think I nailed it. What I love most about decorating is incorporating small trinkets or items you treasure into your space. I’ve collected many small [some strange] things over the years. My most treasured items are things I’ve been given, and also happened across.

Top left, my statement bracelets are displayed on an old piece. I love displaying books I’ve read, since most of the time their covers are beautiful [sorry I judge my books by their cover]. Bottom left is another shelf from my book shelf/ladder from The Container Store. I also love showing my jewelry, so I used another old display piece, paired with glass lightbulbs from Hobby Lobby. I then added a personal touch with memories from Governors Ball last year, encased in a frame from Urban Outfitters. I’m all about good scents, so on a run to Trader Joe’s I grabbed some eucalyptus and hung it to dry [I also hung a bit in my shower, so when it gets steamy it smells fresh].


My trusty record player had to make the voyage up with me, although getting all of my records here was a trip [note–they are uber heavy and I recommend putting your back into it]. Another item from Urban Outfitters, this record player has lasted me for years now.

When I got to the city, I knew I had to get some plants to fill up my space so I went down the street and picked up some cacti, succulents, and this amazing hanging plant. It’s been fun to watch them grow as I’ve been in the city for two months now, and also watch one of them die [oops! there weren’t any care instructions…].

Funny thing about most New York apartments, most rooms don’t have overhead lighting. Getting a little creative, I strung up some bulb lights around my window and got a sconce for next to my bed–because my room is all white, the light bounces off quite nicely.

Hats are an obsession of mine, however it’s always been hard thinking of a way to display them. At my last apartment, the idea to hang them with command hooks came to me–you can’t see the tacky hooks, so the hats float perfectly. If you use heavy duty hooks, you can even hang your scarfs and bags on them as well.

As mentioned above, there’s something thrilling about finding unique, even strange treasures. While walking around East Village, Obscura Antiques & Oddities came across my path, the most interesting yet equally freaky place–the perfect spot in my eyes. The place is stocked with old medical supplies, animal heads [even a stuffed snake with two heads], history books from the 1800’s, clowns, miniature hands, everything. My favorite find was a constellation torn out of a 1950’s educational book. It’s beautiful, no pictures can ever do it justice. In my room it’s paired next to another great find, from 410 Vintage Market in Fayetteville, AR. This lullaby was kept in it’s original frame, with it’s original glass too. Above all these, from Target is a super cool [also super cheap] tapestry found a while back.

Part two will be coming shortly! Stay tuned.

Xx, Flancake

For the Boys.

It’s almost that time, and what better way to start the Christmas season with some gifting!
I’d love to do a gifting series to help with those gifts sometimes that can be somewhat, challenging. I’ll be doing a few different kinds of gifts-For Mommy Dearest, For the Diva in your life, For the Hard to Shop For, and For the Grandparents.
But first up, it’s For the Boys.
This can be for your dad, brother, uncle, cousin, boyfriend-and anyone in-between.


1| For that No-Shave-November guy, this is perfect for him. It smells like chopped wood and crisp winter air, and it can be used as a beard oil or simply a nice cologne. Double duty-check. From Urban Outfitters

2| From J.Crew, every guy needs a nice plaid shirt. This is one of my favorite color combos, and I know for a fact that J.Crew makes shirts that last, and are super comfy. While your on, check out everything else they have to offer for the guys.
[and the gals too…]

3| For the gentleman that enjoys a nice drink, these whiskey rocks are for him.

4| Something I gifted to my boy, this personiliazed wallet from Etsy seller Fatcat leather is a true winner. Not only is the leather super luxe, but you can put his own initials on it and it’s his forever. [Ethan still loves his…I hope]

5| Another one for the drinker, these antler bottle openers are just too cool.

6| Everyone needs a good flask, and why not have one that says just what you want to-‘Salut!’
[one of my favorite shops, be sure to look around!]

7| Also from Catbird, a cozy cashmere beanie to look cool in.

8| The ultimate gift is of course a gift card. My guy loves Pacsun-because they have cool clothes and they’re very reasonably priced. A fab gift, if you ask me.


Until next time, get excited for the next gift guide!
[I love making these, can you tell…]


//S a t u r d a y//

It’s borrowed from the boys for weekend wear, while also supporting those Hogs-Woo Pig.
For this weekend’s wear, I was inspired by one of my all time favorite bloggers-Laura Wiertzema, of Ascot Friday and her love of plaid shirts.
[Literally almost all of her amazing outfits are with plaid-up the cool girl factor]

I wanted to wear mine tied around my waist and over my shirt, but I wanted it super loose-so I borrowed from the boy. It turned out to be such an easy/effortless look.

Button Up// Urban Outfitters (similar here)
T.Shirt// Razorback Shop
Leggings// Similar here
Shoes// Converse
Bag// Lucky(similar here)




Until next time,

XX Flancake

2cool4school-The sneaker wedge back at it.

As you probably know, sneaker wedges have been having a moment for a while now.
And guess what-I’m still obsessed with them!

{but wait-before you read, feast your ears on something JUST as fabulous as the sneaks I’m about to talk about}
The song is Team, by Lorde (She also sings Royals, which I’m sure you’ve heard by now).
Fun fact-this Irish singer is only 16!

No, the sneaker wedge isn’t something new and hasn’t been for a while now.
One of the queen bee’s of fashion, Isabel Marant, introduced the sneaker wedge a few seasons back, and they were a hit!
According to, Marant got the idea for the soon-to-be iconic sneaker wedge from when she was younger and added cork to her shoes to give her a little lift. She explains how sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes, yet they aren’t very elegant. Adding a heel however gives women legs and makes them a little dressier-something we all always want. She also explains how wearing heels always gives women a self-confidance booster, which is SO true!
I mean, I’m sure we can all agree that whenever we wear heels we just feel so much more confident and put together!
{to read the full article, click here}

So why is the sneaker wedge still around, you ask?
Well, like Marant said-sneakers really are SO comfy, and adding the wedge in just adds sophistication to them.
Although different fashion mags tend to disagree on whether the sneaks are still a ‘thing’, but I can assure you that I will continue wearing them for a while. They really are SO easy to wear-and pretty cool if I must say.

How shall I wear them, you ask? I shall tell you.
The easiest way to wear them for me is with anything a little on the edgy side. To me, the sneaks are just so cool that you’ve got to have a matching cool outfit to go along with! If your style isn’t on the edgy side at all though, don’t fret-there are PLENTY of ways to wear them, and plenty of different styles to choose from.

How I wore mine today-
{please excuse my lame mirror pic-but you should be used to them by now}
Shirt-Lady Gaga concert//Shorts-Savoir Faire//Sneaks-Steve Madden//Socks-Free People


And of course, there are TONS of ways to wear them: as seen below!

Black Sneaks: easy to wear, they go with EVERYTHING!

I love how this stylish girl pairs her black sneaks with a circle skirt and a fun studded jacket, yet her hair is up so that the outfit and the sneaks are the main focus.


 Who said that black sneaks had to be boring-or paired with black? I LOVE how the neon skirt is under a casual grey tshirt, making it POP! And then there are the fabulous sneaks…


And another perfect example of how to pair simple black sneaks with a bright outfit!


I love this outfit so much because of how casually cool it is-the circle shades, the chambray shirt underneath the red jacket-ahhhmazing.


Although you can’t see the outfit, I love how her bag matches her shoes. When in doubt-match your bag and kicks.


Colored Sneaks: And for those that are a little more adventurers, we have the sneaks that come in colors! I love colored sneaks because they can either complement an outfit, or be the start of the show!

These red sneaks are definitely the start of the show. Since this lovely lady is wearing black and white, she lets the red pop-which looks great against her skin tone!


Here we’ve got a PERFECT example of how colored sneaks can complement an outfit. Because her wedges are white/cream and so are the pants, you may at first glance see a continuous line of her legs since she’s wearing heels, which is oh-so-flattering. Here’s an unrelated style tip-if you want to lengthen your legs, wear nude heels that match your skin tone! Whenever you wear a matching color that are heels, you look taller. Colors like black , especially ankle straps cut your legs off when wearing dresses/pants, making your legs actually look shorter!


And another example of how the sneaks make an outfit. I love leather and sneaker wedges, I’ll definitely be wearing a lot of that this fall/winter! On a side note-I love that Miranda and her son are wearing matching red shoes (insert that side smiley emoji).


Lastly, I love blue sneaker wedges because they pack such a punch. They definitely make this outfit. I love how she paired her leopard so unexpectedly with the sneaker wedges-too cool.


So where might I find these 2cool4school shoes, you might as. I’ve got a few places up my sleeve to share with you-

If you want the original Isabel Marant’s, (for a pretty penny of 695-click the pic!)


If you want the next best thing, Ash makes some really great kicks.


If you want the same pair I have by Steve Madden


Some other great options:




Sneaker wedges are definitely either a love/hate kind of thing. Even though some might think that they’ve already had their 15 minutes of fame, I think that they’ve still got a good while left of having their moment.

XX Flancake

BONUS ROUND-if you wanted to know what I’ve been listening to as I wrote this-
AKA some really awesome songs, check these out:

Tennis Court-Lorde
Two of Us-The Beatles
Swingin Party-Lorde
Dark Paradise-Lana Del Ray
Blue Ocean Floor-Justin Timberlake

Obsessions: The not-so-sweat pant

Wait a minute-who is this and what have they done with Flancake? Sweat pants?? I mean really???
Ok ok, it actually is me. I know right, who would’ve thought in a trillion years that I would EVER be talking about this as a trend, definitely not an obsession of mine!! But it’s true-I’ve fallen for the not-so-sweat pant, as I like to call it!

So before I explain what makes this so great, first let me clear up a few things. I honestly believe that this trend only looks good dressed up-as in, with heels, strappy sandals, or super bling-with a mix of sporty fun. Now, the not-so-sweat pant, contrary to belief, isn’t actually even a sweat pant. Nope-don’t go running to Nike to get these-it’s basically a super tailored pant with an elastic waist(I must say, elastic waist’s are a favorite of mine!).
I think the reason I love this trend oh-so-much is because I LOVE mixing dressed up and dressed down looks-there’s just something so chic about it, so cool. These pants are no doubt the perfect way to give off a chic, cool vibe.
So as I said, I think this trend looks best paired with heels and jewels-to dress it up! BUT-if you must wear tennis shoes with it(which I probably will be for class!) then wear extra pretty jewels-they balance out the sporty-ness! For colors, I think that neutrals are the best choice for this trend. Because they are a pretty new trend, they might be around for a while(maybe a few seasons), but I honestly don’t think they’re here to stay, so don’t go crazy with prints. Plus-neautrals are so easy to wear!
With all that said-let’s see how these fab pants can be styled, where to buy them, and my take on the not-so-sweat pant!

So first lets talk leather-ohemgee, SO fab!! I mean really, leather not-so-sweat pants, what could possibly be better??? I think that this combo works so well because leather is such a staple and such a statement, that the pants just WERK. (notice the strappy shoes in both pictures and how they dress them up even more!)



No really, how cool are these not-so-sweat pants with side stripes? Not only are vertical stripes so flattering(they mike you look super tall!) they add a pop of super cute color! I also love how both gals are wearing pointed heels-they really pull the outfits together and also dress up the pants even more.


Now, for those who just cant resist the classic cotton not-so-sweat pant, these are for you! I love how all of these outfits are wearing easy to wear pants, but they all look so pulled together! Even though the first outfit is with sneaks, the glittery shirt adds a major dress-it-up factor. I love the sweater in the J.Crew Fall 2013 lookbook, how it adds an extra bit of coziness, but the heels still keep the pants dressed. The last outfit is just SO chic-I love the vest paired with the pants, and how her shirt hits right at the waist line-so flattering. Just overall great outfit!


Now, this is how I styled my 2 pair’s of not-so-sweat pants!

First things first-ignore the fact that I have no makeup on(I just started accutane-WOO, so I’m trying to limit makeup, you can follow my progress Tumblr at if you’d like!) And also don’t mind the water droplet on my pants-oops!

For this first outfit, I paired my not-so-sweats with a lace tee to dress them up. Even though they are silk, they still look to me like sweat pants. I paired my low sandals with snakeskin straps because I love how lace and snakeskin look together-it’s almost like the mimic each other in such a fabulous way!!

{Outfit Details}
Shirt-old Urban Outfitters
Pants-Winfred (from Courtney at her out!)
Shoes-Sam Edelman

For this outfit, I chose something a little more casual-I threw my hair up and put a tee on! I kept some wedges on though to keep things dressy, I wore my fancy vintage necklace from my grandma’s closet and I tucked in the front of my shirt-something I basically always do.

{Outfit Details}
Shirt-Target FEED collaboration, from the boys side!
Pants-Joe Fresh at JCP
Shoes-Sam Edelman



So I’m sure you’re all wondering-where on earth can I get such cute pants!? Well, here are a few options! (click the picture to be directed to their site for ordering!)

For leather:


For striped down the side:

I know I said no floral-but these are just too cute to pass up, plus I couldn’t find any with just a simple stripe!


For casual:


And some more that I just LOVE-all from Nasty


Well, now that everyone knows how fabulous being chic and cool can be, we can all agree to slip into some fabulous not-so-sweat pants. Until next time!



XX, Flancake

Turning Tables.

It’s Saturday ya’ll!

{before you start reading-start listening to Farmer’s Daughter by Fleetwood Mac {fun fact-it’s actually a cover of the original Farmer’s Daughter by the Beach Boy!} (I’m definitely listening to it while I post this)-it’s an oldie, but SUCH a goodie!}

Anyways—I normally give more than just a few details on what my Saturday involved, but lately I’ve been working on something top-secret/AWESOME!!! I literally can’t wait to share this something with ya’ll!! I will tell you some of what I did do though, and basically what my past 3 days have consisted of-going picking(thrifting!!) and making shorts! And of course, working on my super secret project! (SO excited!!!)

Since 2 days ago it was my birthday, I wanted to share with you something I got! (BTW-I hope a lot of you donated to ACH, because like I said-SUCH a good cause!!)
Lately, I’ve been so fascinated by old music, the good stuff. And I felt like I wasn’t being able to experience it the right way off of my stereo/iphone, because back in the day everyone used record players!
I don’t really know why we made the switch to CD’s anyways because vinyl just sounds so REAL-I just love it! Of course I have to tell you my silly story associated with record players now, and why I became to want one other than the fact that they sound amazing.
A few months ago, my boyfriend had to house-sit his Aunt’s house, so I came over for a little bit to watch movies/make dinner/etc. They have a record player and I noticed a few awesome looking records, so of course I had to listen. We danced around to Bob Dylan (Tangled in Blue being one of my favorites) for a few hours, and I was in love-with of course the music ;)! And that’s where this obsession started!
So, needless o say-I got a record table for my birthday! I am OVER THE MOOON! Seriously though, I’m SO excited! So, If you know where I can get any old records, or if you have any you’d be willing to give me, that would be SO rad!! (This is what it looks like!) YIPEEE




Anywho-something else I’ve been working on lately are Crosseyed Cricket’s windows! So obviously it’s summertime!(100 degree weather-dying) For the summer window’s I wanted to make it seem like the old days-where people went out and had picnics in the parks and where just so relaxed and not busy with work or sports or any other things people get busy with during the summer. I wanted the windows to reflect the easiness that summer suggests, I wanted to remind people to take a break and reeellaaxxxxx!! Here they are: I hope you love them!



I can’t WAIT for the July windows-just thing FLAGS, lots of flags!!! 

That’s it for today lovely ladies! Keep reading-within the next few weeks I’ll tell you what my new project is that I am literally SO excited about!!!
Until next time!!


XX Flancake