Turning Tables.

It’s Saturday ya’ll!

{before you start reading-start listening to Farmer’s Daughter by Fleetwood Mac {fun fact-it’s actually a cover of the original Farmer’s Daughter by the Beach Boy!} (I’m definitely listening to it while I post this)-it’s an oldie, but SUCH a goodie!}

Anyways—I normally give more than just a few details on what my Saturday involved, but lately I’ve been working on something top-secret/AWESOME!!! I literally can’t wait to share this something with ya’ll!! I will tell you some of what I did do though, and basically what my past 3 days have consisted of-going picking(thrifting!!) and making shorts! And of course, working on my super secret project! (SO excited!!!)

Since 2 days ago it was my birthday, I wanted to share with you something I got! (BTW-I hope a lot of you donated to ACH, because like I said-SUCH a good cause!!)
Lately, I’ve been so fascinated by old music, the good stuff. And I felt like I wasn’t being able to experience it the right way off of my stereo/iphone, because back in the day everyone used record players!
I don’t really know why we made the switch to CD’s anyways because vinyl just sounds so REAL-I just love it! Of course I have to tell you my silly story associated with record players now, and why I became to want one other than the fact that they sound amazing.
A few months ago, my boyfriend had to house-sit his Aunt’s house, so I came over for a little bit to watch movies/make dinner/etc. They have a record player and I noticed a few awesome looking records, so of course I had to listen. We danced around to Bob Dylan (Tangled in Blue being one of my favorites) for a few hours, and I was in love-with of course the music ;)! And that’s where this obsession started!
So, needless o say-I got a record table for my birthday! I am OVER THE MOOON! Seriously though, I’m SO excited! So, If you know where I can get any old records, or if you have any you’d be willing to give me, that would be SO rad!! (This is what it looks like!) YIPEEE




Anywho-something else I’ve been working on lately are Crosseyed Cricket’s windows! So obviously it’s summertime!(100 degree weather-dying) For the summer window’s I wanted to make it seem like the old days-where people went out and had picnics in the parks and where just so relaxed and not busy with work or sports or any other things people get busy with during the summer. I wanted the windows to reflect the easiness that summer suggests, I wanted to remind people to take a break and reeellaaxxxxx!! Here they are: I hope you love them!



I can’t WAIT for the July windows-just thing FLAGS, lots of flags!!! 

That’s it for today lovely ladies! Keep reading-within the next few weeks I’ll tell you what my new project is that I am literally SO excited about!!!
Until next time!!


XX Flancake