What to Wear: Sorority Recruitment

As the summer is coming to a close and I must leave NY (sad face), I’m starting to get prepared to put on recruitment (HAPPY FACE)! I posted a guide last year on what to wear and also gave out some tips, so I wanted to do the same thing, but brush up on the clothing! (PS yes, I changed my blog name AGAIN-sorry for the whip-lash but I promise FLANCAKE is the final product!)

As many of you know, I’m a member of Zeta Tau Alpha at the University of Arkansas and I went through recruitment two whole years ago! I LOVED recruitment SO much-I met so many amazing girls in and out of the sorority I joined, it was such a great experience!
But thinking about what to wear can be kind of tricky, especially if you don’t know what to expect.
At the UofA, T-shirts are given to be worn every day except preference night (pref night-you wear a nice dress). The tricky part is deciding what to wear while looking classy, appropriate, and still showing off your own style! I’ve done the hard part (but fun for me!) and picked out some options that you can get or be inspired by!

First things first though-recruitment isn’t just about what you wear, so be sure that your clothes don’t over power your great personality! Below are some great tips I would give and some I’ve received.

Be sure to sit up straight when you’re talking to the girls, especially on the first few days so you give off a good impression! When you get more comfortable with the girls, it’s ok to lean in to hear what they’re saying.
Always pay attention to what the girl you’re talking to is saying! This should be a given-but it’s SUPER easy to get distracted because there will be so many girls in a tight space talking really loud.
Don’t just ask questions so it seems like your interested, ask questions that you really want to know the answer to! I thought I was asking dumb questions, but all the girls I talked to said they loved that I was curious so that’s a plus!
This should also be a given, but wear NATURAL makeup! Whatever you wear on a daily basis is YOUR natural-so if you wear barley any makeup, do that! If you wear a lot of foundation-do that! Wear makeup that you feel comfortable in. If you’re wearing way more than you normally wear or crazy colors, it will not only distract from the conversation, but it will probably make you nervous!
Keep your hair out of your face! I know that when I get nervous I tend to play with my hair, or tuck it behind my ears (weird, I know!) but you can prevent this by pulling it away from your face with a cute barrette or braid!
Trust me, it’s going to be really hot! So while you’re waiting for your parties outside, pull your hair up with a hair tie that doesn’t leave a mark!

So now you’ve kind of got an idea of what will happen, here’s a guide of what to wear!
I’ll never forget this advice-you aren’t dressing to impress boys, you’re dressing to impress your future sisters! So that means don’t wear the highest heels you’ve got for pref night or any other day for that matter.

This is what the schedule looks like:
Open Party Day-you’ll get a chance to meet a few girls in each house.
Philanthropy Day-You’ll learn about each sorority’s philanthropy.
House Tour Day-You’ll get to take a tour of the houses.
Preference Day-You choose which sorority you’d like to become a member of!
Bid Day-bids are given out-this is SUCH an exciting day!

For each day, you’ll want to wear a different pair of shorts/skirt since you won’t know the color of your shirts-you’re given them the day before you wear them. You definitely don’t have to wear a different pair of shoes everyday, but it is a good idea to have two pairs you can alternate with! I wore sandals when I went through recruitment, but I saw a lot of PNM’s (potential new member, that’s you!) wearing sandals and cute sneakers! Below are some of the items I saw that I would probably get if I were going through recruitment again-but again, all are just suggestions to help you get inspiration for your own style! 
//all items listed at bottom L-R









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I hope you enjoyed my second What To Wear: Sorority Recruitment! If you have any questions at all I would love to help, just comment below! Good luck!!!