Happy Wednesday!

Sorry for being gone so long AGAIN, but I promise I’m back fro good! 

I will try to do more of my outfit’s of the day, which means I will need a FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER!! (a post about that will follow this one…) But for now I had my lovely boyfriend take my #ootd pics! 



And this is my interpretation: 





{old The Rage dress, American Eagle vest, old Anthropologie bag, Chain Crochet circle necklace, pacsun fringe necklace, Sam Edelman boots, Catbird gold rings[knuckle and stacked rings] } Photographer: Ethan Campbell

Today’s outfit was inspired Louis Vuitton’s pre-fall 2013 looks, which were packed with denim!! While they paired their denim with black, I wanted to mix my look up and go with not-so-basic-blue! Here’s my inspiration:



That’s all for today’s #ootd! I hope you enjoy and are inspired! Until next time,

XX Flancake

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