Roped x Ready


If you follow along on instagram [@flancake] + snapchat [@flancake_13] then you’ve probably seen some of my visual installations. The latest creation is located at Lola, in Fayetteville. The inspiration was from a piece I recently saw while in NY at The Whitney [American Modern Art] – a fabulous, must-see for those who have never been. The install was completely made of rope and rough textiles, and created by an artist who started the piece early in life and finished it as her health declined, which is interesting to see the contrast in the piece because of this. Anyhow, this install spoke to me and I thought a version of it would work perfectly at Lola, so I started brainstorming. I decided on some thicker rope, mixed in with black, white, and silver accents. The plan was to blow Anthropologie’s windows out of the water, which I think we came close to.


The total install took about 6 hours – after customizing and planning to fit into Lola’s smaller window, and because we wanted it to look 3D, extra work was required. Ultimately it was a huge success, as the product we used also had the same feel to it, so it was super cohesive. I’ve included some pictures to show, but a stop by the shop would be lovely to get a real feel!

Sidenote, I added a pic of some sick thigh-high Joie boots we have in shop, come buy them please because they rock.



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